We have preserved and repaired the reputation of hundreds of companies, boards, institutions and individuals

      Cyber Security – JadeRoq has seen and solved more than 500 privacy matters related to cyber-attacks, hacktivism, ransomware and state-sponsored threats. Retail, healthcare, financial and other companies and institutions have turned to our professionals when they encounter sophisticated malware, unique attack vectors and employees who fail to adhere to company policies. We help clients reach and inform stakeholders in a way that both complies with privacy disclosure laws but also preserves the critical relationship they have with their communities. Companies can emerge from a cyber attack with their brands intact and, in some cases, enhanced.

Sports Business – Sports are as much a cultural touchstone as a business. As leagues grow so do television rights, commercial opportunities and engagement platforms. Players are brands unto themselves. When the stakes are high, disputes become public fodder. Litigation, criminal matters and investigations spill over into the public domain. JadeRoq has decades of experience favorably influencing the outcomes for players at all levels. 


Schools/Education – Schools are the ecosystem for society. Except they are expected to be better than society. Whether the challenges erupt over historical accusations, faculty issues, social media criticism or student safety, JadeRoq has the experience and talent to help institutions at all levels tell a powerful story of leadership.

Growing A Brand – There is no cruise control when growing a brand. If you are not growing you are behind, and you will find yourself surpassed by competitors who are more aggressive. JadeRoq tells outstanding stories about products, offerings and value for businesses large and small.