I created JadeRoq (pron. Jād - Räk) to do great work, have fun and create something for my children. The company name comes from my children’s initials. We all work, in part, to create a better life for those around us. In addition to creating a better outcome for our families and our colleagues, we create better outcomes for our clients because we know there is a family out there counting on you. 

Our team works in concert to achieve your goals

Jason Maloni is an award-winning counselor who has spent 25 years fixing problems large and small. His experience leading teams at some of the world's top public relations firms, including the last 11 years with LEVICK, enabled him to develop a strong compass for determining the path forward when challenges emerge. 

Andrea Hedberg began her career knocking on doors for a presidential candidate she believed in. Her political acumen and sharp intellect propelled her through the ranks of the GOP's top field research teams through her time supporting the broad agenda of the influential U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Robert Udowitz's unique expertise in strategic communications at the intersection of technology and government as its ties in with Wall Street boardrooms make him a critical addition to any communications team. 

Kathleen Wailes has extensive executive experience in financial and transaction communications, reputation management and cyber matters. She regularly advises boards and c-suite executives on issues related to governance, reputation, activists and valuation. Clients trust Kathleen to integrate global financial communications programs for all stakeholder groups, ensuring that none are overlooked or under served.


Ramsey Poston develops comprehensive strategies to ensure his client’s image remains intact and that his client’s position gets a full and public hearing. In 2004, Ramsey took over NASCAR’s Communications Department, leading a team of 30 public relations professionals covering all aspects of the sport’s communications and served as chief communications strategists and spokesperson for all litigation and crisis situations. During his tenure at NASCAR he successfully led the litigation communications efforts for multiple high profile cases and he has been credited for building one of the best PR teams in sports.


William Philpott is a veteran journalist and visual professional whose work has been featured in major publications around the world. His time as a Reuters and Agence France Presse photographer covering the White House and Congress has given him a deep understanding of political optics, strategy and process.  He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, foreign governments and philanthropic organizations to help tell powerful stories with stunning visuals. William is on the advisory board for the SXSW Interactive Festival. 

David Bartlett is one of the most highly regarded communications strategists and crisis management experts in the country. He is the author of Making Your Point  (St. Martin’s Press), a practical guide to communication strategy and tactics.